Creative Design

Creative Graphic Design is essentially the art of visual communication, and it is vital to getting the attention of your target audience. Just think about all the “junk” mail you get in a month’s time. You probably throw out most of it before you even look at it, right? But, what about the one you don’t throw away? What stops you from adding it to the trash pile? The answer is simple…it’s the way it was designed! Whether it’s a word, phrase, or a photograph that interests you, A well thought out design will grab your attention.
At CRT our Graphic Artists are University graduates with degrees in the Graphic Arts. Their combined knowledge and experience reflects their dedication to you, the client, and also to design.

CRT’s Creative Team will assist you in creating a positive first impression. Being a central tool for branding, a good logo expresses the company’s vision, values, and directions. It builds customer loyalty and inspires trust in your partners. A creative logo is what makes a company special and unique. CRT’s Logo Design team of creative graphic artists will help you to communicate your image clearly and powerfully to your intended target audience. We will keep working on the designs until a winning concept is elaborated, because our policy is unlimited ideas and revisions until you are completely satisfied.

We have helped over a hundred businesses and individuals to develop their logos and corporate identities. All final logos are worth winning design awards, while they are quite simple.

Additional services: In addition to logo design we also specialize in stationery design, brochure design, printed ads, marketing collateral design, illustration and custom graphic design, naming and slogan development, flash animations and web design.